Idiom 11

یادگیری زبان انگلیسی عصبانی شدن 


Jump Down Someone's Throat

become angry with someone

از دست کسی عصبانی شدن

Practical Story

That's it Greg! You'd better not come in after midnight again tonight!a

I know, dad .You don't have to jump down on my throat ! I told you that I'd make it home around 11:30 . I don't intent to be late! a

Well you have said that before. You can't blame me for getting angry and scolding you . I've got good reasons.a

همین که گفتم جرج. بهتره که دوباره امشب دیر نیای خونه.

میدونم بابا. لازم نیست عصبانی بشی . گفتم که حدود 11:30 خونه ام. من عمدا دیر نمیام.

قبلا هم این حرف را زدی. تو نمیتونی منو مقصر بدونی چون عصبانی میشم و سرت داد میکشم میدونی که دلایل قابل قبولی برای این کار دارم

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Idiom 9

اصطلاحات انگلیسی

Get in Someone's hair

bother someone

اذیت کردن دیگران، ناراحت کردن دیگری

Practical Story

Children! Would you please stop making so much noise! And for heaven's sake, pick up your clothes and toys ! It's hard enough trying to keep this house clean without your throwing your things all over the place!

Clara, I know that the children get in your hair, but you should try not to let it upset you so much.

Listen Jim I can't help it . The children bother me and make me very angry when they so noisy and messy


بچه ها! میشه لطفا کمتر سر و صدا کنید! محض رضای خدا لباس ها و اسباب بازی هاتون را جمع کنید. به اندازه کافی تمیز کردن این خونه سخت هست چه برسه شما هم وسایلتون را پخش زمین بخواهید بکنید. کلارا، میدونم بچه ها اذیتت میکنند اما نگذار خیلی ناراحتت کنه این موضوع. گوش کن دست خودم نیست . بچه ها منو عصبی میکنند بویژه وقتی سر و صدا میکنند و بهم میریزند خونه را

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Idiom 6

یادگیری انگلیسی

For the Birds

uninteresting and meaningless

خسته کننده و بی معنا

Practical Story

They went to a poetry reading , but they got board and restless . As far as they were concerned , it was for the birds! They left during an intermission beacause they found the reading totally uninteresting and meaningless.


آنها به یک مراسم شعرخوانی رفتند، اما بسیار کسل و بی حوصله شدند. به نظر آنها بسیار کسل کننده و بی معنا بود. آنها بین اجرا مراسم را ترک نمودند. زیرا این مراسم برای آنها بسیار کسل کننده و بی مزه بود

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Idiom 3

Take the Bull by the Horns

take decisive action in a difficult situation

اقدام قاطع در وضعیت دشوار

Practical Story

Mari had always felt that she was missing out on a lot of fun beacause of her clumsiness on the dance floor. She had been putting of taking lessons, but she finally took the bull by the horns and went to a professional dance studio for help. She was tired of feeling left out and acted decisively to correct the situation

معادل پارسی در ادامه متن...

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Idiom 10

Shoot off One's Mouth

express one's opinions loudly

نظر کسی را بلند اظهار کردن

Practical Story

Jim doesn't play tennis very much, but he's always shooting off his mouth about how good he is. Yet he is fooling nobody. Jim is somewhat of a braggart and everyone knows that he gives opinions whithout knowing all the facts and talks if he knew everything about the game

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