Placing an order _ Covering letter

نامه توضیحی انجام سفارش

در این نامه شخص نویسنده توضیحاتی در مورد سفارش خود به فروشنده می دهد که ضروری می باشد و البته در ابتدا شماره درخواست خود را که ضمیمه نامه است ذکر نموده است

             Your ref: D/1439
Our ref: Order DR4316
  Date: March 9 2014
Attn Sig D. Causio

Dear Sig. Causio

Please find enclosed our official order, No. DR4316.a
For this order we accept 15% trade discount you offered , and the terms of payment (sight draft, CAD), but hope you are willing to review these terms if we decide to order again.a

Would you please send the shipping documents and your sight draft to Northminster Bank ( City Branch), Deal street, Birmingham B3 1SQ?a

If you do not have any of the items we have ordered currently in the stock, please do not send alternatives.a

we would appreciate delivery within the next six weeks, and look forward to your acknowledgement.a

Yours sincerely

Vihado Cavalli
Chief Buyer

Enc. Order No. DR4316

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